PROFREE F3-AR foam concentrate is based on a new FLUORINE-FREE formulation of synergetic surfactants and foam stabilizers, resulting in a highly plastic and remarkably fluid foam, extremely resistant to the destructive effects of oxygenated substances (alcohols, ketones, ethers, etc). PROFREE F3-AR is totally free from fluorinated surfactants.

PROFREE F3-AR is designed for use at low, medium and high expansion ratios.

Due to its versatility, PROFREE F3-AR can be used for the extinguishing of both hydrocarbon and polar solvents fires. At low expansion, PROFREE F3-AR is suitable for fighting all types of fires regularly encountered by civil firefighting units.

When used in high-expansion generators, PROFREE F3-AR allows the total flooding of large areas and is most suitable for the protection of hangars and chemical products storage warehouses.


PROFREE F3-AR is designed for protection of :

  • Large capacity warehouses
  • Chemical product plants
  • Distilleries